What Services To Expect From a Cleaning Company

Hiring a professional cleaner is demands homework and plenty of research. If you plan to hire a cleaning company near San Diego, CA, you need to understand their services. Because of the range of companies, it has become more challenging to spot the perfect one.

To sift for the best options, you can take a look at their services. In this piece, you can find a general list of services to expect from a cleaning company.

What Services to Expect From a Cleaning Company?

It is essential to go through the list of expected services before you hire a cleaning company. For example, you can’t expect professional cleaners to organize your closet or operate in other personal spaces.

Likewise, you cannot ask the cleaners to perform repair and installation work. Babysitting, dog walking, chauffer, are some of the tasks which cleaning company can’t do. As a general rule, the cleaning company will do the following tasks:

·    Mopping and sweeping floors

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·    Emptying the trash

·    Vacuuming hardwood floors and carpet

·    Dust the accents and furniture

·    Cleaning the kitchen surfaces

·    Iron and wash clothes

·    Doing the dishes

·    Wipe down the countertops and tabletops

·    Clean the shower, toilet, and the WC

Some companies offer these services individually and also in the form of a complete package. Most of the companies will provide the flexibility for adding or removing any of these services.

The list of services you want entirely depends on you. Make sure to check the list of services included in the contract before signing it.


Now that you know the primary duties of a cleaning company, you can decide whether you want to hire or not. If you’re going to add in other services, you can always talk it out with your cleaning service.